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Software solutions for the geometrical measurement technology

AfM Technology offers you extensive software solutions in the range of the geometrical measuring technology and the optimisation of Product Development Process (PDP). Whether volumetric compensation, data conversion, Preprozezzoren, measuring programmes, transference programms, automations, as well as documentations and the comparison of  CALYPSO - quality control plans. 

Volumetric Compensation of CMM and machine tools

Because of our wide knowledge in metrology, we are able to give our know-how to our customers from perspective of a measurement services provider, so that we can advise them independed of manufacturer and holistic. We carry out measurements by the demands and wishes of our customers. The decrease and examination of co-ordinate measuring instruments and tool machines, belongs also to our achievement spectrum, also the exactness increase / volumetric compensation of the most different machine types.


LaserTRACER significant increase of accuracy machine tool volumetric compensation ISO 230 machine acceptance test Lacer-Tracker MpDoc QPW software solutions