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Engineering Package


for the the volumetric compensation of your machine tool control

Customers for the AfM MaCo-Online Engineering Package are CNC control manufacturers and machine tool builders (MTB) with own CNC Control solutions for their machines or measuring machines (CMM). With MaCo-Online from AfM Technology, your CNC-Control is able to compensate the volumetric deviations (21 / 23 errors of the linear axes) of machine tools and Coordinte measuring machines directly in the CNC.

The AfM "Engineering- Package" is offering the possibility, to implement the Volumetric Compensation  successfully in shortest time into your CNC control by using German PTB (National institute for metrology ) proofed algorithms.

These solutions have been successfully implemented for the following CNC Controls:

AfM Technology supplies also the necessary equipment ( LaserTRACER, TRAC- CHECK,
TRAC- CAL, TRACER  accessories) for the volumetric Compensation. 
We are offering training for volumetirc measurements for your staff as well as Volumetric measuring service.

Benefit for the users:

  • Machines can both be improved and used for demanding tasks

  • Interchangability of CNC programms between machine toolswithout modification

  • Cost effective increase of accuracy

  • Higher accuracy without increasing demands on the mechanical accuracy

  • Additional revenue opportunities through retrofits for existing customers

  • Reduced standstill during machine run off

  • Recording of all mechanical error influences the machine geometry





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