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GaugeCheck the software for automaed gauge checking on your CMM


automated gauge checking on a CMM with CALYPSO

By using the new software solution Gauge-Check from AfM Technology, you will get the practice oriented tool for the automated palette measuring of gauges
and masters on your ZEISS coordinate measuring machine with CALYPSO® software. The calibration sequence follows the guideline according to VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618.

 measurement software for gauges            measurement software for gauges 

The following products can be measured automatically with GaugeCheck:

  • Gauges, plug gauges, mandrels

  • Ring gauge, setting master ring

  • Test pin

  • Snap gauge

  • Gauge blocks


The return of the measuring results, according to ISO 9000 and the following, is ensured by the use of the DakkS-normal / reference standards. The measuring results are independent of the subjective influence ot the operator because the measuring expiry is automated and the gages are admitted to special devices. The CNC-measuring program are automatically generated by parametrization.



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