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GerberConvert - CALYPSO®  test plans for circuit boards


CALYPSO®  test plans for circuit boards

Printed circuit boards are generally made based on data in what is known in GERBER format (layout data) and/or EXCELLON format (drill data). The GerberConvert module reads in the available data and visualises it in the form of a graphic and table of values. Based on the data loaded and the configuration settings, GerberConvert produces a fully automated, workable CALYPSO® measurement plan for multi-sensor CMMs.

                        AfM GERBER_CONVERT Ablauf         

the benefit to you

  • GerberConvert generates a complete CALYPSO® measurement plan based on the settings.
  • Individual adjustments can be made to the measurement plan generated
  • Optimum use of CALYPSO® measurement software
  • Real time saving
  • Saved measurement and evaluation strategies minimise individual operator input on measurement results.


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