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distribution of the LaserTRACERS-MT small and medium-sized machine tools


Increase accuracy for small and medium-sized machine tools

After setting new standards in the calibration of machine tools and coordinate measurement machines with the active LaserTRACER system, we are extending our product range with a LaserTRACER system for small and middle-sized machine tools:



LaserTracer-MT für kleine- bis mittlere Werkzeugmaschinen

The LaserTRACER-MT (MT: mechanical tracking) is guided mechanically by highly accurate spherical joints, very smooth and damped telescopic stages. The displacement is measured by an integrated laser interferometer. Thereby, the basic principle of the LaserTRACER can be realized in a considerably reduced size, weight and price. By means of a multi- telescopic stage, the LaserTRACER-MT100 has a working range of 0.26 –1 m, making it ideal to the measurement of small and middle-sized machines with axes length up to 1.5 m.


Just like our active LaserTRACER system, the LaserTRACER-MT employs a high resolution laser interferometer to measure distance changes between two reference points, providing ultimate accuracy. Special reflectors are built in the center of the spherical joints, protected from dirt and damage. Like in the active system, in the LaserTRACER-MT, the stabilized HeNe Laser beam is transmitted via an optical fiber to the system. This allows a very compact design while avoiding thermal influences on the measurement system. Moreover, it makes possible to achieve a total weight of the moving system under 2500 g (Model MT-100)!

All software options from Etalon are available to the


  • Volumetric calibration of Cartesian machines (all component deviations including squareness)
  • Calibration of rotary axes (all 6 component deviations and squareness)
  • Machine checking according to ISO 230-2, -6 (parallel to the axes and diagonal lines)
  • Circular test according to ISO 230-4


Contact us if you require a LaserTRACER calibration / compensation of your coordinate measuring machine or your machine.



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