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MpDoc - documentation of CALYPSO® Measurement Plans


Documentation of CALYPSO® Measurement Plans

MpDoc, a software solution of the AfM Technology GmbH, reads in complete CALYPSO®  measurement plans and shows the measuring-technically relevant contents in a clear table.

About extensive filter function the announcement can be limitied to any contents of information eligible from the operator, e.g. whether with all cylinders the indentical meausuring strategy and filter are put. The documentation duties selected by the user can be stored away alternatively in the MpDoc original format, as a PDF file or as an EXCEL table and be printed out.

Die The contents of different versions of a test plan can be read in and be compared directly with each other.

MpDoc visualises all differenes clear form the first sight.

Calypso CAD example in MpDoc       Compare inspections plan fast and comfortable with MpDoc


the benefit to you

  • Simple measurement coordination with customers and suppliers

  • Conversion makes measurement program content universally usable in a legible format

  • Comparison of different program content

  • Checking any program content by means of user- specific configuration options

  • Restoration of saved CALYPSO® measurement plans

  • Additional "digital documentation" option: Rapid production
    of complete documentation on CD / DVD

  • Inspection and audit-compliant documentation of CALYPSO® test plans,
    inc. all measurement and eval- uation strategies, filters and measurement points




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