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MpEdit - Offline Editing of CALYPSO®- Test Plans


Offline Editing of CALYPSO® test plans

MpEdit of AfM Technology GmbH is a functional extensoin for the software MpDoc. With MpEdit you can edit and change a CALYPSO® test plan, which was first loaded in MpDoc and saved as a documentation.

With MpEdit  standard measuring and evaluation strategy can be assigned to the measuring elements. Several different elements can be summarized to a group and saved under a given name. Any measurement plan contents can be checked therefore for the observance of any standard strategies which are given by the operator. 

Ascertained divergences of the standard can be adapted  on the given standard automatically or by hand.

Calypso CAD example in MpDoc       Edit inspections plan fast and comfortable with MpEdit


the benefit to you

  • Comparison of test plan contents at the push of a button

  • A fast and easy editing of CALYPSO test plans

  • display and examine from used standard-related or function-related measuring and evaluation strategies

  • adapt and work on one or several lines at the same time -> time - saving

  • automatic versioning of changes

  • an easy training oft new employees in existing test plans

  • deposit of function-related strategies




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