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"Simple, analyze, document, compare and edit your CALYPSO test plans" 
On Tuesday 21 October 2014 and on 06 November 2014, we offer our customers a free Webworkshop for the application software MpDoc and MpEdit.

free registration Webworkshop 



"Standardization, optimization and automation of the measurement program creation"


Production measurement at 03 and 04 September 2013 at the Interstate University of Technology NTB Buchs


list of speakers


Etalon Forum
Productive measuring technique on 13th and 14th June 2013 in the business foyer of the Volkswagen hall Braunschweig and the new buildings of Etalon AG.


Wolfram Meyer:
Volumetric compensation: Experiences of a international service provider

AfM Technology and Bosch Rexroth start joint marketing of the volumetric correction VCP for machine tools with Rexroth IndraMotion MTX control unit


press realease

Informieren Sie sich am 15.05.2012 über die aktuellen Produkte der SIEMENS Solution Partner beim


SINUMERIK Solution Partner UPDATE 2012 in der
Siemens Niederlassung, Weissacher Str.11, 70499 Stuttgart, Conference-Center
Di, 15.05.2012, 08:30 Uhr - 16:30 Uhr

- Geometrische Kompensation von Werkzeugmaschinen
- Werkzeug- und Prozessüberwachung
- Maschinenzustandsdiagnose
- Montagefertige Energieführungssysteme
AfM Technology SIEMENS Solution Partner






AfM Technology / Lecture 5-axis precision machining / Wolfram Meyer


Find out on 29/03/2012 on the latest trends in the field of 5-axis machines
- Development and production of 5-axis machine tools
- Equipment calibration and accuracy enhancement
- Current research projects
at the Fraunhofer IPT in Aachen
Aachener 5-Achs Maschinen Kolloquium am 29.03.2012 / Programm/ Anmeldung 



Pictures of the SIEMENS Solution Partner Update event 2011

at the 31.05.2011 in Piacenza (IT)


AfM Technology SIEMENS Solution Partner


  lecture by AfM on SIEMENS Solution Partner Update  

VCS (volumetric Compensation) lecture by AfM Technology


  booth by AfM Technology

AfM Technology / VCS / LaserTRACER booth on SIEMENS in Piacenza





NEW!!   3D-Realtime-Multilateration with 4 LaserTRACER Systems

test now the AfM Accommodation!!!


Highest accuracy with sub-micron resolution and a
Sampling rate of up to 50,000 points per second
in a measurement volume of up to 10 mx 10 mx 10 m


 MultiTRACE Echtzeit Multilateration


AfM Technology MultiTRACE Mietangebot bestehend aus 4 LaserTRACERn


AfM Technology MultiTRACE for rent consisting off 4 LaserTRACER Systems
LaserTRACER significant increase of accuracy machine tool volumetric compensation ISO 230 machine acceptance test Lacer-Tracker MpDoc QPW software solutions