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Business Partners of AfM Technology



Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH




The range of products of the technology leader reaches from entrance arm horizontal arm measuring instruments up to measuring instruments to capture the form, contour and surfaces. With the measuring instruments Carl Zeiss sets new standards for the usein the manufacturing environment.




AfM Technology SIEMENS Solution Partner



Siemens A&D is a worldwide leading supplier of automatic control engineering and impulse technology with standard products as well as system solutions and branch solutions for the manufacturing and process industry and the electric installation technology.

AfM Technology is worldwide SIEMENS Solution partner in the area of Service for SINUMERIC 840 D sl CNC controls and for volumetric compensation systems VCS (Volumetric Compensation System)


 AfM Business Partner eµmetron GmbH



eµmetron Ltd is a calibration lab accredited in the DaKKs and offers problem-conformist products and services for the manufacturing measuring technology. Core competences are the calibrationof authoritative-normal and work pieces, the measurement of geometry of all kinds and the development of comprehensive solutions at the highest level and with individual care.












LaserTRACER significant increase of accuracy machine tool volumetric compensation ISO 230 machine acceptance test Lacer-Tracker MpDoc QPW software solutions